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Below are some bits and pieces from my life, including my time as a Cruise Director for Royal Caribbean International, the photo-booth company I created with family members, some photography of mine from my younger years, some writing, and bit's a pieces from my time in radio.  I don't know if you'll find this stuff entertaining, but here it is!  Think of this page as my refrigerator door.

Leyenda 2024
Leyenda 2024
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Cruise Ship Life
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Nicole Polanco - Flag Dancer
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In 2003 my writing buddy and I were shopping several spec scripts (scripts designed to show your writing skill, not be sold) around Los Angeles to get writing work.  We got a lot of attention for this Curb Your Enthusiasm script, mostly because we created a written episode of a mostly improvised show.  This demonstrated our ability to capture the voices of the characters and the style of humor of the show.  I kept a copy.

Die For Love

He whoever dies for love

Will not have died in vain.

Her heart so like a velvet glove

Had made his crazy sane.

No matter that he is not here

For while he walked the earth

It’s love that took away the fear

And made life worth his birth.

And if I too should die for love

Please do not cry for me.

Just know as I ascend above

T’was love that set me free.

-  Christian Shimer  -  2011

art shots by christian
Mexico Leisure
Infrared Cows
Red Angel
Mexico Romance
Stella in Infrared
Cool Desert
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