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Here is some of the best music I have created over the years.  I do not read or write music, but when I was 14 I found a piano at summer camp in a chapel on the hill where I spent most of my summer teaching myself Fur Elise by Beethoven.  A young girl played it for me and I thought it was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard.  I studied her hands as she played and soon learned to improvise.  Digital recording means I can now paint with music, creating any landscape or mood I wish to express.  Here is some of what I have expressed.

Take these tracks as a gift, they are free to download.

X-Centric Logo
X-Centric Folded Arms
Old Fashioned Radio
I Can't Hear You!
X-Centric Worlds End
Rabbit Hole Album Cover

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Love On A Train - Music Video
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Supermom Music Video
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