I started making videos for family and friends on bootlegged editing software in 1999.  As soon as I could afford the full Adobe suite I was hooked.  I had interviewed my grandmother on camera just a few months before she died at age 86.  I had 3 days to produce her life story featuring hundreds of photos to scan.  In the end she spoke from the grave directly to her adult children and wished them well.  Grandma had the last word.


That experience was so powerful that my interest in editing was sealed.  I got better doing wedding videos and started teaching myself After Effects.  I took some film-making courses and started applying what I learned to making fundraising videos for nonprofit organizations.  My videos have raised millions of dollars since 2005 which has gone to help those most in need.

 Here are some of the videos I have produced over that time., as well as a few fun things I made with my friends!